LeadCENTER Campaign Types

LeadCENTER is an agent’s powerful solution to acquire and manage compliant high-quality leads. LeadCENTER offers multiple kinds of lead campaigns to help agents grow their business.

Realtime Campaigns

LeadCENTER gives agents access to Realtime leads: warm, live leads from consumers looking for agent assistance over the phone or online.

Campaigns are geographically controlled so agents can choose where the leads are sourced from.

Custom Ad Campaigns

LeadCENTER’s Custom Ad Campaign feature gives agents more control than ever. Custom Ad Campaigns send direct mail to consumers, using criteria and information set by the agent — all done compliantly and within the agent’s set budget.

Leads generated by an agent’s Custom Ad Campaigns are routed exclusively to that agent, helping them take ownership of their business growth.

Facebook Campaigns

LeadCENTER offers agents the chance to reach consumers where they spend time — on Facebook! Social media is an important venue for consumers, especially those seeking life or health insurance products.

With Facebook Campaigns, agents can customize — allowing them to narrow in on leads they want while working within their budget.

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