LeadCENTER Integration With Integrity Product Suite

The power of LeadCENTER is enhanced by the integrations within the Integrity Product Suite, saving agents time and effort as they manage their business. The Integrity Product Suite brings together best-in-class technology designed by experts in the industry.

Integrity now gives agents the power to manage both health and final expense policies for clients, using built-in quote and eApp.

LeadCENTER’s Policy Suppression technology reviews life policies from our Integrity platforms and all major life insurance carriers to automatically suppress those leads from being purchased again. This means your policies won’t be replaced and you won’t be buying leads that recently purchased a policy.

MedicareCENTER Lead Integration

An agent’s LeadCENTER and MedicareCENTER profiles are directly linked, giving agents workflow efficiencies not possible with other management software combinations.

The integration between LeadCENTER and MedicareCENTER allows Health Leads to flow between the two dashboards. New Health Leads acquired — or imported — in LeadCENTER will appear in MedicareCENTER. This allows the agent to edit and add further information to the MedicareCENTER contact record, such as personal details, while connecting to available carrier plan history.

Check-In Toggle for Realtime Campaigns

Agents use the “I’m Available” toggle to set their availability to receive Realtime calls and data leads. This toggle is visible in LeadCENTER, MedicareCENTER and the MedicareCENTER Mobile App so agents can manage their schedule, no matter where they are.

Toggling availability is just one more way for agents to have control over their workflow. Taking a pause from live leads is just another click of the toggle. It’s never been this simple to manage the flow of leads!

PlanEnroll Lead Types

PlanEnroll was created by Integrity to be a resource for consumers seeking insurance products. The benefits to the consumer include secure storage of their preferences and direct access to PlanEnroll Network Agents.

For agents, PlanEnroll connects to their LeadCENTER Realtime campaigns through the PlanEnroll lead types. Agents can choose to run campaigns for Health Leads, specifically requesting leads generated through PlanEnroll marketing. It’s a win-win for both agent and consumer!

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