LeadCENTER Lead Quality

LeadCENTER makes it simpler to find compliant, high-quality leads. We put every lead’s information through multiple levels of verification before the leads are available to purchase.

LeadCENTER’s process and commitment to high quality means you’ll have access only to new leads that increase your odds of success. You get more bang for every lead budget buck.

Lead Scoring

With Lead Scoring, you can choose from a range of lead levels, ranked by conversion probability: Diamond, Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Every lead is TCPA-compliant and ready to add to your book of business.

Policy Suppression

LeadCENTER goes the extra step to check leads against available carrier databases, suppressing leads who have recently purchased a policy. Any leads found are automatically removed, preventing purchase by agents!

Data Hygiene and Duplicate Lead Management

LeadCENTER increases lead quality by checking incoming leads against other sources and rejecting duplicates before they ever hit LeadCENTER. We’re also validating consumer phone number and email address information with multiple third-party data services for better results.

Jornaya/Trusted Form & Compliance

LeadCENTER helps ensure better lead compliance for agents. This includes capturing Jornaya or Trusted Form for all leads acquired online, and providing compliant solutions to lead generation through Custom Ad Campaigns.

Optimization Process

Integrity’s technology works with LeadCENTER to optimize lead sources, prioritizing those with higher-performing leads. Agents will see these results with higher lead quality overall that keeps increasing as more leads flow through the system. You’ll save time and frustration when building your book of business.

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