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Ordering leads has never been simpler or more productive. Get to know the ways you can build your book of business.

Heatmap of Available Leads

No need to memorize lists of counties or ZIP codes where you’d like to focus your lead buying. Simply use the LeadCENTER Heatmap, and you can quickly see where leads are concentrated near you.

The LeadCENTER Heatmap is specific to the Lead Category you’d like to purchase, and it is an ever-changing landscape of your growth opportunities.

Direct Mail, Internet and Social Media Leads

Lead Categories are grouped by their acquisition source, so you can choose your audience exactly as you’d like. Social Media Leads deliver consumers who engage with social media posts. Direct Mail Leads come from consumers responding to physical mailers they’ve received. And Internet Leads originate from other online sources, such as website or landing page forms.

All can be incredible ways to acquire new leads.

Life and Health Leads

Lead Products are grouped into Life and Health Leads. Agents can purchase leads in a variety of categories and types for both Life Leads and Health Leads, with sub-categories growing all the time.

Leads are organized by many specifications, like the method of collection or the source, allowing agents to find exactly the leads that will best help them build their book of business.

Jornaya/Trusted Form & Compliance

LeadCENTER helps ensure better lead compliance for agents. This includes capturing Jornaya or Trusted Form for all leads acquired online, and providing compliant solutions to lead generation through Custom Ad Campaigns.

Optimization Process

Integrity’s technology works with LeadCENTER to optimize lead sources, prioritizing those with higher-performing leads. Agents will see these results with higher lead quality overall that keeps increasing as more leads flow through the system. You’ll save time and frustration when building your book of business.

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