LeadCENTER Payment Options

LeadCENTER makes it simple to manage your lead funding sources and to save money on your lead acquisition! We offer several payment types and discount opportunities.


The simplest way to manage your lead spending is through LeadCENTER Cash. You can add funds ahead of time — no need to pull out a credit card with each lead order!

Auto-Reload LeadCENTER Cash

Never run out of funds for important lead purchases with Auto-Reload! Agents can automatically reload a specific dollar amount to their LeadCENTER Cash balance when it goes below their chosen threshold, helping to manage lead budgeting and save time.

Pay for Realtime Campaigns

Realtime Campaigns help grow an agent’s book of business by sending warm phone or data leads according to campaign specifications. Realtime Campaigns can be funded with LeadCENTER Cash or a stored credit card.


Vouchers can be used like other payment methods. They may be assigned by an agent’s upline.

Dollar for Dollar Lead Amplifier

Lead Amplifier Vouchers increase agents’ buying power. These vouchers are typically assigned by an upline to help their agents get more value for their purchasing power.

Automate and Save

Agents can save 15% on recurring orders with the Automate and Save feature.

Automated orders enable agents to incrementally grow their book of business with minimal administrative work.

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