Accelerate your Integrity LeadCENTER outreach

Streamline calls, automate workflows, and set appointments faster with Integrity LeadCENTER + PhoneBurner


  • Dial 60-80 contacts hourly
  • Delay-free connections
  • Automatic call logging

The premier insurance dialing platform

Simple integration

Built with Integrity LeadCENTER to ensure a seamless experience, our integration automatically brings your compliant leads into PhoneBurner to help you reach leads faster and take outreach to the next level.

Eliminate tedious tasks

You focus on conversations. We’ll handle everything else. PhoneBurner dials, leaves voicemails, sends 1-click follow-ups based on call outcome, logs calls and more. Streamline tasks that zap your energy, and get results, faster.

Boost call quality and deliverability

Like Integrity LeadCENTER, our platform prioritizes trust and meaningful conversations. From AI noise cancellation to 100% delay-free connections to our Tier 1 phone carrier, PhoneBurner is engineered for high answer rates and seamless interactions.

Loved by insurance professionals

PhoneBurner is tailored to fit seamlessly into your workflow. We proudly partner with hundreds of insurance agents, who rave about the time savings, support, and outcomes achieved.

“PhoneBurner is awesome. 411 dials and 10 appointments before noon!”

Robert S., LeadCENTER & PhoneBurner User

Boost call quality and deliverability

Unlimited Dialing

No per minute fees. Dial from anywhere.

No Exports & Imports

Your Integrity LeadCENTER leads are automatically sent to PhoneBurner.

Hear “Hello”

Connections are instant, with no awkward pause or delay.

1-Click Voicemails

Leave a pre-recorded voicemail in 1 click, while immediately dialing your next contact.

Instant Emails

Boost engagement and increase callbacks with 1-click emails based on the call outcome.

No Manual Entry

Save time and hassle with automatic logging of notes, call activities, and outcomes.

AI Noise Cancellation

Remove background noise with our Krisp-integrated softphone, and improve call experiences.

Call Coach & Monitoring

Record calls and/or coach your team in real time with listen, whisper, and barge.

Reports & Insights

Blind spots = lost revenue. Track KPIs and make data-driven decisions.

Integration requirements

Accelerate Integrity LeadCENTER outreach with our seamless integration



Integrity LeadCENTER

Integrity LeadCENTER + PhoneBurner FAQs

Set up is fast and easy. Our integration requires an Integrity LeadCENTER account and a PhoneBurner account. In PhoneBurner, head to integration settings and generate a Personal Access Token. Then go into your Integrity LeadCENTER “Account Settings”, click the “Link” button next to the PhoneBurner integration and add your token.

Once activated, your leads will be automatically imported into PhoneBurner and tagged with “LeadCENTER” so you can identify these leads easily.

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Yes. The integration brings the leads into PhoneBurner for prospecting, but will not remove them from your Integrity LeadCENTER account.

Your leads will be neatly organized into your PhoneBurner CRM with contact records for each. We make it easy to segment and filter leads, select the list you want to call, and launch into your dial session!

PhoneBurner lets you spend more time talking to contacts and less time engaging in repetitive tasks. Our integration handles dialing, leaving pre-recorded voicemails, sending emails (configured for various call outcomes), scheduling follow-ups, logging calls. Increase productivity up to 4x with your post-call workflows handled for you.

Our award-winning support team is here to help you succeed from day 1. We also offer comprehensive video training to ensure you get set up quickly. Customers rave about our platform’s ease of use, but US-based support is just an email or call away.

Have more conversations. Close more deals.

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