Agent meeting with a couple in their home and discussing their medicare options

Serve Clients Better

With Contact Management, you can spend less time managing clients and more time serving them — all while staying 100% compliant.

Call Recording

Simplify how you maintain compliance. This valuable feature allows you to record, download and store both inbound and outbound sales calls as required by CMS regulations.

Dashboard and Reporting

Understand and meet needs faster with at-a-glance client tracking through Policy Management.

Mobile App

Work when you want, from where you want. Get mobile-exclusive push notifications, plus all the features of MedicareCENTER. Download today.

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Boost Your Production

MedicareCENTER empowers you to work smarter and more efficiently. All to help you take your business to a whole new level.

  • Lead Management

    Choose when to have leads delivered right to your Contact Management profile.

  • Side-by-Side Plan Comparison

    Quickly guide clients to the best available coverage options.

  • Integrated Quoting and Enrollment

    Connect to the largest selection of MA and PDP plans straight from a client record in our CRM for easy e-apps.

Take Control of Your Business

MedicareCENTER’s all-in-one platform puts you in command of your most important tasks, while providing key insights. How’s that for intelligent?

Easy-to-Use Interface

Master comprehensive functions without a long learning curve. Take advantage of exclusive tips, guides, training and resources in our LearningCENTER.

PlanEnroll Integration

Connect with your clients through your Personal Agent Website, powered by PlanEnroll to stay up-to-date with their latest needs – compliantly.

Predictive Tagging

Powered by Industry leaders Deft Research and CSG Actuarial, prioritize clients based on predictive tags to help give you an edge.

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Smart and Secure

Built to give you peace of mind, MedicareCENTER’s state-of-the-art tech helps keep you and your data safe and compliant. Just the way you like it.

Cloud Convenience

Works with smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

Robust Data Security

Protects your information and ensures it stays with you.

Built-in Compliance

Follows all CMS guidelines, including for SOA tracking and call recording.

Easy to Get Started

MedicareCENTER features are all available to agents free of charge as part of the Integrity Technology Suite of Solutions. Discover how Integrity Technology helps agents serve their clients better and grow their business faster.

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