The Integrity Effect

When companies partner with us, we help catalyze their growth by opening access to our shared services including technology, marketing, recruiting, product access, contract optimization and more. This helps agents and agencies focus on what they do best, so they can meet consumers exactly where they are in their journey to protecting their life, health and wealth.

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Industry-leading Technology

Integrity partners can utilize our proprietary technology, resources and exclusive services to help customize the insurance experience to better serve their clients’ needs. This includes solutions like Integrity Connect, MedicareCENTER, quoting and enrollment tools from CSG Actuarial, data insights from Deft Research, Integrity LeadCENTER and more.

Our Technology

Platform Collaboration

Companies that partner with Integrity have the opportunity to be an active part of a community to work to create a better insurance landscape for everyone. We hold monthly partner council meetings centered around life, health and wealth to discuss important industry and platform updates. Council participants share best practices and ideas with all partners, showing that we serve Americans more effectively together as part of Integrity than we can individually.

Employee Ownership Plan

At Integrity, we mean it when we say every employee is a crucial part of this business. Full-time employment comes with meaningful ownership in Integrity. After your business becomes an Integrity partner, employees with at least one year of tenure earn shares in our company. When we work together as a team, it benefits everyone in the Integrity family.

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After Joining Integrity: Partner Stories

  • Mike White
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    "It’s an honor to be part of this platform — I’m grateful every day that we took that step!"

    - Mike White

    Founder and Principal, AIMC

  • Mike-Wingate
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    "I can now say that joining Integrity wasn’t just a good decision — it was the best decision we could have made."

    - Mike Wingate

    Co-Founder and Principal, Premier Marketing

  • Ryan Kimble
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    "When you’re a part of something this important and substantial, you can’t help but jump in and do more."

    - Ryan Kimble

    President, Agent Pipeline

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