Integrity Expands Life Insurance Distribution by Partnering with Abernathy Financial Services

June 1, 2022

Florida-based IMO with winning pedigree further bolsters Integrity’s mission to innovate life, health and wealth solutions that help Americans make the most of what life brings

DALLAS – JUNE 1, 2022 – Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, today announced it has acquired Abernathy Financial Services, an independent marketing organization (“IMO”) based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. As part of the acquisition, Brent Abernathy, President of Abernathy Financial Services, will become a Managing Partner in Integrity. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Abernathy joined the insurance industry following 13 seasons playing professional baseball. His athletic career also included winning an Olympic gold medal while representing Team USA in the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. By applying the corresponding principles of discipline, hard work and resilience he learned over the course of his time in baseball, Abernathy has guided the Abernathy Financial Services team to more than 10 years of sustained growth and success. The company offers life insurance and financial services products, helping nearly 200,000 Americans annually. In 2021, they grew to secure more than $130 million in annual paid premium.

“Brent’s story offers a compelling view into where persistence and dedication can take you in this industry,” explained Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “True success in our business comes from having a service-first mindset, and Brent and his team genuinely care for those they serve. Now, everyone at Abernathy Financial Services can access Integrity’s industry-leading resources to serve agents, carriers and clients in a way that can improve the lives of all stakeholders. Brent will gain more time to do what he excels at — caring for others and growing his business. We are always thrilled to partner with strong, forward-looking leaders who are intent on doing things the right way. As an Integrity partner, Brent will continue succeeding well into the future.”

“My years in Major League Baseball helped me understand how to create a solid team and what it takes to win, despite obstacles,” explained Brent Abernathy, President of Abernathy Financial Services. “As an Integrity partner, we feel we have joined the best team in the industry, since we are both committed to changing the lives of clients and agents every single day. Integrity will help our agents reach more Americans with a wider range of products, making it possible to craft more impactful solutions. This is an exciting day for Abernathy Financial Services — I’m confident we’ll be knocking it out of the park for many years to come.”

Abernathy gains the opportunity to connect with Integrity’s partner network, an expansive group comprised of many legends and icons from within the industry. This diverse collective of leaders strives to innovate and integrate holistic life, health and wealth solutions, allowing agents and advisors to help more Americans prepare for the good days ahead. In addition, Integrity partners collaborate on best practices and strategies that optimize insurance and financial services processes.

“Brent is someone who truly understands the power of teamwork,” shared Shawn Meaike, President of Family First Life and Managing Partner at Integrity. “He recognizes that to be successful in this business, it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded leaders who share a similar commitment to excellence. And that’s what he gets by joining the Integrity family — a team that is devoted to building each other up. Ultimately, he gains a peer network that settles for nothing less than being their best.”

The Abernathy Financial Services team will also improve efficiency and boost productivity by utilizing Integrity’s omnichannel insurtech platform of proprietary resources. These products and systems include in-depth customer relationship management software, systematic data and analytics, and continuous product development. Integrity’s infrastructure of shared services is built to further streamline business functions, which will empower Abernathy Financial Services to enhance its growth strategies and reach its full potential. These shared services include People & Culture, Technology & Innovation, legal and compliance, and access to a world-class advertising and marketing firm.

Additionally, Abernathy Financial Services can now offer its employees meaningful company ownership through the Integrity Employee Ownership Plan.

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About Integrity

Integrity, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of innovative solutions for wealth management and retirement planning. Through its broad partner network of agents and advisors, Integrity helps millions of Americans protect their life, health and wealth with a commitment to meet them wherever they are — in person, over the phone and online. Integrity’s proprietary, cutting-edge technology helps expand the insurance and financial planning experience for all stakeholders using an omnichannel approach. In addition, Integrity develops products with carrier partners and markets them compliantly through its nationwide distribution network. Providing best-in-class service to their clients and consumers is at the center of Integrity’s holistic approach to life, health and wealth protection. The company and its partners focus on helping families and individuals prepare for the good days ahead, so they can make the most of what life brings. For more information, visit

About Abernathy Financial Services

Abernathy Financial Services, headquartered in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, is a life insurance distributor that also provides solutions for retirement planning and wealth management to its clients. In 2021, the agency helped provide solutions to nearly 200,000 Americans. Abernathy Financial Services believes in putting client families first and doing whatever they can to serve those families in person, over the phone or online. With thousands of agents across the nation working under the same mission statement and values, the company is committed to providing exceptional service — and looks forward to positively impacting millions of lives in the future.

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