Navigating Life’s Waters

Category: "Inspire" Stories

Date: August 22, 2023

At Integrity, we take pride in the diverse passions that define our family members. New Integrity family member and President of Sellyei & Rundle, Lisa Rundle has a captivating story as an ardent sailor from Tucson, Arizona. Despite the distance from any ocean, Lisa and her husband, Louie, have maintained their fervor for sailing.

Lisa and Louie’s love for sailing has been a cornerstone of their lives. Both being raised sailing with their parents, now creating cherished memories and a powerful emotional bond together.

On one of the most touching episodes of the “Inspire” Podcast, Lisa shared with us that Louie had embarked on an extraordinary and dangerous voyage across the Atlantic. Filled with admiration and respect, Lisa fondly recalls her husband’s bravery and perseverance during this unforgettable journey.

Lisa’s unwavering devotion to sailing serves as both a testament to her love for the sport and an inspiring illustration of overcoming obstacles. Because on the ocean, it is just you, the crew and the ship versus mother nature.

Lisa says that even though sailing takes her all over the world, her passion to serve her clients never wavers. She says whether she is driving across Arizona or sailing ships in the Mediterranean, she will always take and make calls to those in need to make sure they are taken care of.

We love Lisa’s passion for sailing and are extremely excited for her team to partner with Integrity. We know with Lisa at the helm and with Integrity’s tools on board, the Sellyei & Rundle team is ready to set sail for success!

You can watch the entire “Inspire” Podcast episode with Lisa here!

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