Spring Training 2024 Highlights: A Mid-Season Review

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Date: May 15, 2024

Spring Training at Integrity is in full swing, bringing together our teams in a celebration of compliance training and teamwork. As we cross the halfway mark, let’s look back at some of the fantastic moments from our Spring Training so far!

What Is Spring Training?

Spring Training is an annual event at Integrity designed to foster team spirit, enhance professional skills and reinforce our core values through a series of engaging activities and educational sessions.

Highlights From the First Half of Spring Training

From engaging training modules to lively team challenges, the first half of Spring Training has been nothing short of inspiring. One standout event was our team huddle featuring a street food theme, where employees gathered to enjoy a variety of delicious, quick bites, embodying the vibrant atmosphere of outdoor food markets.

Take a moment to enjoy our highlight reel showcasing the fun and learning we’ve shared. Whether it’s completing your online training sessions or bonding over tasty street food, these moments capture the essence of what makes Spring Training a key part of our Integrity culture. Check out the highlight video above!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey through Spring Training 2024 and get ready for even more unique activities and learning opportunities!

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