Wrapping Up Spring Training 2024 — Highlights & Memories!

Category: Featured, Integrity Culture

Date: June 4, 2024

As we reach the final inning of our 2024 Spring Training program, we want to celebrate the outstanding dedication and enthusiasm shown by our Integrity family. This year’s compliance training was a home run, thanks to everyone embracing our core values and participating wholeheartedly in every activity.

This season has been packed with memorable moments, from swag drops to team huddles and exciting activity challenges. Our delicious street food team huddle and fun Twinkie corn dog treats kept everyone energized and ready to participate.

Activity challenges brought out the competitive spirit in all of us, with the creative baseball trading cards and the amazing “Sweet Caroline” Lip-Sync Challenge entries. Watching everyone get into the spirit of these challenges was truly inspiring.

Our swag drops were a hit as well, with exciting items like the pickleball set, helmet snack kit and the personal fan. Each drop added an element of fun and anticipation to our training sessions.

Relive some of the unforgettable moments by watching our highlight reel above from Spring Training 2024.

Thank you all for making this year’s Spring Training the best one yet!

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