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Values-Driven Leader Nobility Financial and Integrity Partner to Deliver Transformative Solutions to More Americans

The insurance and financial service industries are rapidly evolving, with companies like Nobility Financial serving consumers in innovative ways. Partnering with Integrity will help the Carrollton, Texas-based agency accelerate its aspirational mission and achieve new levels of growth. Like Integrity, Nobility Financial takes a holistic approach to planning and professional development. Integrity’s transformative technology and resources will empower the agency to serve more people, more effectively — all while promoting positive change in communities…

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Axxess Benefit Consultants Amplifies Mission to Serve Underserved Communities and Enhance Comprehensive Services by Joining Integrity

At Integrity, Family is one of our most important core values. Treating others like family is key to all we do. The experienced team at Atlanta-based Axxess Benefit Consultants shares that commitment. The agency has earned a strong reputation for helping seniors, especially in underserved communities, navigate Medicare and providing agents with unmatched service and support. By partnering with Integrity, Axxess Benefit Consultants can leverage innovative technology designed to boost efficiency — and empower agents to deliver more holistic planning solutions to the American families they serve…

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Unity Builds Dynamic Legacy of Growth and Innovation by Partnering with Integrity

Industry leaders often arise from humble circumstances. That’s true of Integrity and of Unity — a dynamic agency we’re thrilled and honored to partner with. Deeply rooted in family, perseverance, and an unwavering drive to succeed, Unity is a beacon of hope to the diverse communities it serves. The Austin, Texas-based firm, works to deliver life insurance and annuity solutions to families and unmatched opportunities to agents. By partnering with Integrity, Unity now enters a new phase of growth on its inspiring journey to success…

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Solid Financial Plan Joins with Integrity to Drive Expansion Opportunities and Technology Offerings for Agents

At Integrity, we know from our own experience that successful companies always strive to innovate. Solid Financial Plan, a Houston, Texas-based agency, is just such a company — and partnering with Integrity will amplify that spirit of innovation. With a unique virtual business model and an experienced team of agents, Solid Financial Plan is known for providing the right solutions to clients. Integrity’s expansive resources, powerful technology and diverse life, health and wealth offerings will help the agency grow its reach and enhance its impact…

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MoneySmartMovement Partners with Integrity to Bring Greater Opportunities and Hope to Underserved Americans

Building a successful agency in today’s evolving market takes persistent leaders with strong principles and consistent core values. MoneySmartMovement has those kinds of leaders — and they’re constantly developing new ones. Based in Dallas, Texas, MoneySmartMovement has become renowned for helping agents and consumers from all walks of life gain financial literacy and pursue the American Dream. Integrity’s innovative technology and best-in-class resources will empower MoneySmartMovement to further amplify its crucial mission to guide and serve…

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CDA Insurance Solutions Joins Integrity to Bring Impactful and Holistic Offerings to Underserved Communities

At Integrity, we believe everyone deserves solutions that help protect their life, health and wealth. We’re proud to partner with companies like CDA Insurance Solutions that share our vision. Based in Roma, Texas, the agency focuses on offering health coverage to a wide and diverse range of clients. Their team works to help people in ways that go beyond insurance, including connecting them with local social services. Integrity’s world-class technology and resources will greatly enhance the agency’s ability to serve those community members who need help most…

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Solidity Insurance Group Joins Integrity to Provide Industry-Leading Technology Solutions to their Dynamic Agent Network

For many in the insurance industry, helping people protect what matters most is more than just a business — it’s a personal mission. That’s certainly the case for the team at Massachusetts-based Solidity Insurance Group. Founded by a strong leader who experienced the value of life insurance firsthand, Solidity is passionate about helping American families get the coverage they need. Integrity’s proprietary platforms and technology are built to help agencies like Solidity recruit and grow with confidence — powered by a desire to serve even more people…

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New Benefits & Financial Services Joins Forces with Integrity to Offer Innovative Insurtech Solutions for Agents to Better Serve Their Clients

At Integrity, we love helping Americans protect their life, health and wealth — and Medicare coverage is a crucial part of that equation. New Benefits & Financial Services shares our passion for providing exceptional service to clients. Based near Chicago, NBFS strives to help seniors find the best Medicare products to fit their individual needs. The agency also focuses on serving veterans and believes in treating every client with compassion and respect. Partnering with Integrity will help NBFS better support agents and serve clients more holistically, so they can prepare for the good days ahead…

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International Financial Group Brings Diverse Background to Agent Experience while Joining Integrity Partnership

Strong agents are key to the consistent success of any agency. The committed and competitive team at International Financial Group understands that — and it’s a big reason why they’ve chosen to partner with Integrity. Based in Las Vegas, the agency is deeply passionate about helping agents reach their personal and professional objectives. Integrity’s cutting-edge technology and best-in-class platform are designed to give agents an edge — just what International Financial Group needs to help even more agents reach their potential…

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SoundadviceMD Partners With Integrity to Accelerate Growth of Innovative Expansive Sales Model

At Integrity, we work to innovate in ways that improve insurance and financial services experiences for everyone. When we find companies that share our vision, we want to help them expand their ability to serve more people. SoundadviceMD is just such a company. Based in Maryland, the agency specializes in serving the insurance needs of seniors through a transformative virtual sales model. Their model makes it easier for agents to connect with consumers no matter where in the world they are — and partnering with Integrity will make it easier for SoundadviceMD to continue to innovate their offerings into the future…

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Integrity Deepens Offerings in Underserved Markets by Partnering with We The People Agency

At Integrity, we’re always humbled and inspired by companies that overcome great challenges to achieve success. It’s one of the reasons we’re so honored to partner with We The People Agency. Based in Houston, Texas, and founded by husband-and-wife immigrants from El Salvador, the agency has grown by helping others recognize their potential. Partnering with Integrity gives WTP Agency the greater credibility, scale and resources it needs to reach a new level of growth. The partnership will benefit agents and clients in a big way — and help more people live the American Dream…

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Delmarva Benefit Group Partners with Integrity to Access Innovative, Growth-Driven Platform

We’re thrilled to partner with another leading health and life insurance agency — Delmarva Benefit Group! Based in Felton, Delaware, Delmarva is known for prioritizing client needs and working tirelessly to deliver the right solutions. Now, after years of consistent growth, the respected agency is ready to enter a new era of opportunity. Being part of the Integrity family means having access to innovative technology and extensive resources. It’s a platform built for today’s evolving marketplace and it will empower the Delmarva team to serve even more families…

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