Integrity Gives Back

The Integrity Foundation was established to expand our ability to discover the needs of our communities and fulfill them in meaningful and lasting ways.

How We Impact Communities

The Integrity Foundation’s mission is to mobilize Integrity partner, employee, customer and carrier networks to serve with a spirit of giving and abundance. 

We support volunteer programs and community service projects, as well as connect people and organizations with opportunities that help protect and promote the life, health and wealth of underserved persons in a variety of important ways. All to promote vital, vibrant and sustainable communities — and nurture and support future generations. 

By tapping into Integrity’s extensive partner network, we’re able to: 

  • Invite employees to participate in matching gifts, giving campaigns and local community impact groups
  • Develop and drive beneficial community projects with carriers and industry partners
  • Facilitate deeper community engagement through committees, event fundraisers, fundraising competitions and more