“Integrity Gives Back” Toy Drive

The Integrity family is committed to giving back to the communities we serve in all kinds of ways. We’re especially mindful of the challenges faced by families with children receiving medical care in hospitals across the nation. Our “Integrity Gives Back” Toy Drive was designed to support those families. Last year, we collected more than 16,000 toys from our employees, partners and the public — and this year we are going bigger than ever with a goal of 20,000 donations!

The toys, stuffed animals, games and more will go to children’s hospitals to help brighten the spirits of kids facing health challenges. It’s one more way Integrity lives its core value of Service by putting people first. Participating is easy: shop our curated Amazon list below and your donated toy will be delivered directly to the “Integrity Gives Back” Toy Drive!

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Our Mission

The Integrity Foundation helps fulfill Integrity’s mission by leading charitable initiatives that include other stakeholders — such as Integrity partners, employees, carriers, financial institutions and customers — in creating a legacy of positive change.

United under a single philanthropic vision, we create and deliver significant service opportunities in the communities where our teams live, work and serve, as well as in communities nationwide.

We believe that as we ‘Work, Win, Prosper and Share’ with a spirit of abundance, we can help families obtain the peace of mind they need to plan for the good days ahead.

The Integrity Foundation mobilizes its partner, employee, customer and carrier networks to serve individuals and communities with a spirit of abundance, connecting people with opportunities that protect life, health and wealth and which promote vital, vibrant and sustainable communities.


At the heart of The Integrity Foundation is a quest to elevate all Americans by improving three pillars of wellbeing: Life, Health and Wealth.

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Enhancing Life

We develop and build safe places where families can grow and thrive. That includes the construction of state-of-the-art playgrounds in the communities where Integrity and its stakeholders operate.

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Improving Health

We serve and support community members and their families when hope is needed most. Our 2022 Integrity Gives Back Toy Drive gathered and donated more than 16,000 toys to help support the health and spirits of children’s hospital patients across the nation.

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Protecting Wealth

We promote the success and development of young students, helping to ensure they’re prepared to lead fulfilling and successful lives. As part of that commitment, the Integrity Foundation supported a back-to-school supply drive that served more than 4,000 children in its first year.


The Integrity Foundation engages with communities through service and charitable contributions. In one of the industry’s most robust commitments of its kind, Integrity and its partners have made significant financial donations in support of key Integrity Foundation initiatives that will help transform communities for the better.

In addition, Integrity annually provides its 5,000-plus employees with two days of paid time off — the equivalent of millions of dollars — to serve in their communities. Across the country, Integrity employees actively donate their time, energy and resources to important causes, from food banks, shelters and other human services to education, public health, culture, the arts and more.


We strive to inspire and empower individuals, communities, Integrity partners and employees through our charitable initiatives. Our Integrity family’s deep expertise and innovative, entrepreneurial spirit enables us improving the lives of others in powerful ways.

As Integrity’s Chairman of the Board, Steve Young, explains, “Every person at Integrity approaches community building and service with an abundance mindset. This means that as an Integrity family of employees, partners, carriers and customers, we act as a united force to leverage our ties, time, talents and resources to accomplish our purpose. We understand the importance of giving back, and that our collective impact is much more powerful than any one group could have on its own.”


At The Integrity Foundation, we support education in American communities by providing resources that help children develop and learn.

Our toy and school supply drives and playground-building initiatives have helped thousands of children experience meaningful physical, social, and mental health benefits. And by leveraging the Integrity family’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we plan to create even better opportunities to give and serve.

The Integrity Foundation also approaches the communities we serve with open hearts and minds. We value and respect the honest, transparent perspectives of all people. In this way, we also learn.

Watching our Integrity family rally together in support of causes that resonate with them has been deeply inspiring, but we have only begun to witness the impact the Integrity Foundation will have on communities nationwide.