Integrity Announces Expansion of Transformational Legacy Safeguard® Turnkey Offerings for all Integrity Agents

January 18, 2024

Proprietary legacy planning service fully integrates with Integrity’s end-to-end suite and empowers agents to more holistically serve their clients and help them leave a lasting legacy

DALLAS – JANUARY 18, 2024 – Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, today announced the company-wide launch of Legacy Safeguard® and its Postseason Game Plan system into Integrity’s innovative suite of products and resources. Available exclusively for Integrity-appointed agents and partners, Legacy Safeguard offers an important and meaningful service designed to guide clients through legacy planning utilizing proprietary products, software and support. The newly expanded availability of the turnkey Legacy Safeguard system widens the breadth of Integrity’s holistic life, health and wealth offerings for consumers, and empowers agents to forge deeper relationships with clients through valuable and essential services.

“I believe that everyone has an innate need to leave a lasting legacy and be remembered long after they’re gone,” explained Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “At Integrity, our core values drive everything we do — and we provide agents with innovative, technology-driven solutions that strengthen their client relationships and ensure the families they serve are taken care of in times of need. Extending the availability of these essential services through Legacy Safeguard offers agents and advisors a robust system to protect clients during life’s most crucial moments. Thoughtful, holistic planning ensures Americans can feel confident about the good days ahead and continue making the most of what life brings with those they love!”

Using Legacy Safeguard, agents and advisors can guide and assist consumers through essential and important considerations such as legacy planning, estate planning and end-of-life planning, as well as provide support benefits for surviving family members. Offered as a benefit that Integrity agents and advisors can extend to their clients, this impactful program is provided at no cost to consumers, while bringing immeasurable security and peace of mind.

To help guide agents in offering and providing this impactful benefit to their clients more simply and effectively, Integrity is also offering a copy of the Postseason Game Plan book. The book outlines a powerful system for agents and advisors to follow. It includes a roadmap to building and sustaining connections with consumers wherever they are, as well as a robust, unique customer referral system. In addition, Integrity agents and partners can utilize Legacy Safeguard University for specific training through each step of the process to further solidify meaningful legacies for their customers.

“Utilizing the techniques taught in the Postseason Game Plan book to provide the crucial legacy planning and support services of Legacy Safeguard is an ideal way for agents to bring immediate and impactful value to their clients,” explained Anne Wood, Integrity’s Chief Marketing Officer. “This program has proven to be so successful that we are making this 10-Year Anniversary Special Edition book available, in hopes that more Americans can receive the important knowledge, guidance and assistance they need to help plan for critical decisions their family will face. The Legacy Safeguard service also helps members document their personal legacies with easy-to-use software that allows people to connect with their families in ways they didn’t know were possible.”

“We’re committed to ongoing innovation that fosters deeper client connections and further emphasizes our full spectrum of life, health and wealth protection for all consumers,” shared Tom Dempsey, Integrity’s Chief Distribution Officer. “Every day, our agents establish deep relationships with their clients as they help them plan and prepare for the future. Utilizing the power of Legacy Safeguard, these agents can strengthen their client relationships and assist with crucial decision making year-round. They’re able to provide education, products and services that make it simple for Americans to ensure their family members will be well cared for. Integrity is proud to provide a proven, comprehensive system agents can use to help consumers build and document a legacy that has the power to be impactful for generations to come.”

Developed by industry experts, Legacy Safeguard and the Postseason Game Plan system seamlessly integrate with Integrity’s omnichannel insurtech suite to empower agents to fully safeguard the life, health and wealth of consumers. Agents and advisors can now reach and serve clients better than ever before using the most innovative technology suite in the industry. Integrity’s transformational suite of solutions includes cloud-based customer relationship management services that help agents successfully manage and grow their business. It also includes Ask Integrity, a revolutionary AI-powered and voice-activated solution that uses in-the-moment data analysis to foster stronger client relationships.

“Our agents and advisors really care for their clients and have their best interests at heart — and Legacy Safeguard is designed to help agents make deeper, more meaningful client connections,” expressed Steve Young, Integrity’s Chairman of the Board. “Legacy Safeguard’s proven process helps agents serve more clients in more meaningful ways than they ever thought possible, while helping clients preserve and protect cherished legacies for their loved ones.”

To download a free copy of the Postseason Game Plan book, visit

About Integrity

Integrity, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of innovative solutions for wealth management and retirement planning. Through its broad partner network of agents and advisors, Integrity helps millions of Americans protect their life, health and wealth with a commitment to meet them wherever they are — in person, over the phone and online. Integrity’s proprietary, cutting-edge technology helps expand the insurance and financial planning experience for all stakeholders using an omnichannel approach. In addition, Integrity develops products with carrier partners and markets them compliantly through its nationwide distribution network. Providing best-in-class service to their clients and consumers is at the center of Integrity’s holistic approach to life, health and wealth protection. The company and its partners focus on helping families and individuals prepare for the good days ahead, so they can make the most of what life brings. For more information, visit

About Legacy Safeguard®

Legacy Safeguard was created to provide individuals and their loved ones with legacy planning, estate planning support and end of life planning guidance and assistance, as well as support for survivors. This innovative planning process helps to preserve one’s life lessons and core values to be passed along to future generations. Legacy Safeguard offers members easy-to-follow steps to help ensure that their family will be taken care of, that they can leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones, and that they will be remembered long after they’re gone. For more information, visit

About Postseason Game Plan

Postseason Game Plan is an expert-built, turnkey system outlined in a transformative book written by industry thought leader Bryan W. Adams that helps agents understand how to better serve the senior market year-round. Postseason Game Plan, powered by Legacy Safeguard, simplifies the process for agents and advisors to become senior market champions, while providing legacy planning that will leave a lasting impact for generations to come. For more information, visit

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