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INS Marketing Systems

Partnered with Integrity Marketing Group on Sep 06, 2023

About INS Marketing Systems

Based in DeSoto, Texas, INS Marketing Systems is a leading regional distributor of life and health insurance that also delivers competitive edge solutions for retirement planning. The agency provides thousands of Americans with innovative products for their life and health needs, meeting them across the kitchen table, by phone or online. INS Marketing Systems has partnered with industry leaders to offer cutting-edge technology that streamlines the insurance experience for customers and agents alike. The agency is home to over 10,000 insureds annually, as well as hundreds of agents who are ready to assist customers to the highest degree. As part of a family-owned and operated, multi-generational agency, the INS Marketing Systems team strives to treat everyone they serve like one of their own. Their agents and customers are always captivated, never captive.

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