How We Use Data to Innovate

We gather valuable data that allows us to analyze, predict, and add value at every stage of the insurance process. One key resource is Integrity partner Deft Research, the leading firm for healthcare consumer insights and market research. Using multiple research methodologies, including conjoint and max-diff analysis, Deft supports product development, member experience design and market opportunity sizing for leading health insurance carriers.

Here are more ways we use data to empower smarter choices.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Analytics-enabled technologies can improve everything from customer experience to the way our agents make predictions and manage risk. We leverage techniques that include predictive modeling, custom dynamic dashboards, next-best-action and behavior triggers, as well as other cutting-edge methods like natural language processing (NLP) and AI to inform decision-making and streamline processes.

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Predictive scoring and journey personalization drives unique customer and agent experiences along every engagement and interaction with our partners, sites, and contact centers.

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AI-assisted behavior analysis works to enhance efficiency across process, including agent and client search, commissions tracking, administration, and optimization of member acquisition.

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Natural language processing (NLP) parses human language to drive insights, including analyzing language data for use cases such as customer sentiment, needs assessment and more.

Data-Enriched Customer Experiences (CX)

Using data to understand and create progressive customer profiles helps us eliminate confusion, simplify messaging, enhance solutions, and predict needs. By tapping into data across our customers' entire health, wealth, and life product journeys, we’re able to identify key engagement points and trends, as well as create customer models that improve outcomes that ultimately delivers ideal experiences.

Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS)

Integrity gathers vast quantities of data from millions of insureds and their agents. Our DSaaS services help us drive best-in-class reports and empower more meaningful decisions. DSaaS also helps us create:

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Predictive modeling and analytics


Customizable data feeds and secure APIs

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Multidimensional data capture and application support for member retention

Data Security

Our data security teams employ best practices to protect data and personal information. We implement end-to-end infrastructure security, provide effective data and IT solutions to meet business demands, improve operations and reduce risks. Our teams work tirelessly to ensure the data security of all our partners and clients, with a particular focus on:

  • HIPAA compliance
  • CMS compliance
  • PII and CCPA compliance