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Clarissa Gonzalez

Managing Partner, CDA Insurance Solutions

Clarissa Gonzalez is Managing Partner of CDA Insurance Solutions.

Clarissa has been a dynamic force in the insurance industry for the past 20 years, renowned for her dedication to reducing clients’ premiums and securing comprehensive coverage. Her profound impact extends beyond insurance — she’s a prominent figure in her community, thanks to her extensive outreach efforts.

With a degree in journalism, Clarissa leverages her communication and people skills to build influential platforms, including ownership of a local radio station La Pistolera (95.9 FM) and newspaper, as well as building a robust social media presence used to educate and engage with her community in southern Texas. Today, as a co-operator of CDA Insurance Solutions, alongside Eric Fierro, Clarissa continues to empower thousands annually, combining her vast industry experience and community commitment to deliver unparalleled service.

Clarissa and her family reside in Roma, Texas. As a proud Latina, Clarissa infuses her cultural heritage into her approach to family, business and personal interests. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with loved ones and curating content for her newspaper and radio station, where she also serves as a DJ.

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