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Get to know the faces behind the Integrity name. Each of these men and women work tirelessly to ensure the Integrity family is growing, thriving and happy.

Graham Miller

Managing Partner

Graham Miller is the President of ASPECT Management and a Managing Partner of Integrity Marketing Group.

A native of Australia, Graham began his career as a software developer working for an insurance company. He was sent to the U.S. to design an IT solution for the Australian insurance market. While in America, he met and married his wife, Ava. They moved to London, England, where Graham was hired to design, develop and project lead IT solutions for insurance companies based in Austria, Norway, the U.K. and his hometown of Sydney, Australia. Graham went on to work as a project director and as a sales and marketing leader, where his main customer was Australia’s largest government retirement company.

In 2003, Graham moved to the U.S. and, with his wife, started ASPECT Management. They have built a unique organization that is both small and successful, in large part due to his and Ava’s technology and insurance backgrounds. Their expertise allowed them to build a successful, streamlined organization that is respected throughout the industry.

Graham and Ava are active supporters of the University of South Carolina’s diving, swimming and equestrian teams. They also regularly engage in a wide variety of activities, including springboard and platform diving, swimming, horseback riding, snow skiing, sailing, scuba diving, surfing, tennis and golf.

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