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Jorge Collado

President, IDEA Insurance Agency

Jorge Collado is the President of IDEA Insurance Agency.

Jorge embarked on his insurance career with a focus on Medicare Advantage sales, laying a strong foundation with four years at UHC followed by field sales roles. His journey through the insurance landscape is marked by significant accolades, including being named Agent of the Year twice and achieving top sales agent due to his dedication to serving his community.

Under Jorge’s leadership since 2019, IDEA Insurance Agency has seen exponential growth. His leadership is characterized by a commitment to training and compliance, ensuring that his agency stands as a model of excellence and innovation in the insurance industry. Jorge has also earned the prestigious “Top Agency of the Year” award twice, a testament to his effective growth strategies and strong agency culture rooted in the I-CARE values of Integrity, Commitment, Accountability, Results-Oriented and Excellence.

Jorge resides in Orlando, Florida, where he continues to influence the insurance sector profoundly. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Maria, and their family, and contributing to community initiatives that reflect his deep commitment to ethical leadership and service.

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