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Marysa Maggio

President, Solidity Insurance Group

Marysa Maggio is President of Solidity Insurance Group.

Born and raised in Boston, Marysa was brought up in an environment that emphasized the importance of hard work and resilience. She was largely influenced by her mother, a brave fighter of stage IV breast cancer. Her mother’s strength and determination left a profound impact on Marysa, instilling a commitment to face life’s challenges head-on without excuses.

After graduating from Salem State University with a degree in business, Marysa embarked on a career in insurance, driven by a desire to help others. Marysa has dedicated herself to providing insurance solutions, training agents and transforming lives. Marysa’s sister and business partner, Christina Maggio, has also been an inseparable part of her journey. Their strong bond and shared experiences have been pivotal to their success.

Marysa lives in Boston with her partner in business and life, Rami Hamady. In her free time, she enjoys connecting with nature, outdoor activities, cooking and personal development.

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