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Russ Stockton

Stockton Agency

Russ Stockton is President of Stockton Agency.

Russ started his insurance career in 1981 while attending the University of Arkansas. Through early experiences in team sports, he learned the importance of building relationships based on trust. That understanding has remained key to his success with clients and agents alike.

Russ is a dedicated professional with a talent and deep passion for helping people navigate the nuances and complexities of the insurance industry. With over four decades of experience, his impact on training and agent support has been felt across 11 states.

Russ and his wife and business partner, Rachel, live in Bentonville, Arkansas, as a loving blended family with seven children and a grandchild. Their shared interests include boating and spending time in nature. Additionally, they are enthusiastic supporters of the Compassion Coalition of Northwest Arkansas, a non-profit organization with an initiative focused on providing school clothing to children in need and supporting their educational endeavors.

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