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Sheena Sapaula

Founder, MoneySmartMovement

Sheena Sapaula is the Founder of MoneySmartMovement.

A respected leader in the insurance and financial services industry, Sheena blends her diverse heritage with profound expertise in finance and marketing. She was born in Sacramento, California, and earned a degree in finance at the University of Pittsburgh where she played collegiate softball on a full-ride scholarship. Sheena’s diverse upbringing, coupled with her athletic and academic achievements, has solidified her dedication, resilience and passion for empowering American families.

After a decade of success in the corporate world, Sheena transitioned to the insurance industry, guided by her partner in life and business, Matt Sapaula. Together, they co-founded MoneySmartMovement, an agency that has redefined financial services through leadership development, financial education and an unwavering commitment to community empowerment.

Sheena and Matt reside in Frisco, Texas, with their vibrant blended family of five children. Sheena’s leadership extends beyond business. As Chairwoman of the Field Advisory Board at PHP Agency, she advocates for diversity within the industry and champions the representation of the middle class. Sheena’s story is a testament to her belief in the transformative power of education and her commitment to securing the financial future of American families.

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