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Dave Whichard

Managing Partner

Dave Whichard is President of Velocity Life Insurance Agency and a Managing Partner at Integrity.

Dave started in the insurance industry selling supplemental insurance over 25 years ago. Before founding Velocity, he protected thousands of families in Virginia as well as mentored hundreds of agents across the country. Dave has a proven track record of being a high achiever and trailblazer.

In March 2020, Dave founded Velocity and the agency has yet to slow down. He has earned recognition as a Hall of Fame agency and he personally leads by example as a Hall of Fame producer.  Dave’s agency holds the title of the fastest FFL agency to reach both $1 million and $2 million in issue-paid premium. Dave is grateful for the guidance and mentorship from fellow Integrity partners, Shawn Meaike and Andrew Taylor.

Dave is relentless in the pursuit of his goals. The source of his passion comes from helping agents win and guiding them to the best possible opportunities for their businesses and families. He leads by example with a desire to serve others and puts God first in everything he does. Dave lives in Roanoke, Virginia, with his beautiful wife, Neri. They enjoy spending time with their four grown daughters and cherish every moment they get with their grandkids.

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