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Eric Hemati

Principal, Hemati Insurance Agency

Eric Hemati is the Principal of Hemati Insurance Agency.

Eric’s distinguished insurance career has spanned two decades. From the start of his journey in Houston and South Texas, he has taken a hands-on approach to the business, serving and selling policies to customers personally.

After years of leading a national agency, Eric established his own independent venture, Hemati Insurance Agency. Under his leadership, the agency has grown exponentially. It now includes a team of hundreds of independent agents who work to protect more than 20,000 families annually. Eric firmly adheres to an agent-first philosophy that drives his commitment to understanding the needs and realities of insurance agents. This focus has been instrumental in the exceptional growth and success of Hemati Insurance Agency.

Eric resides in Austin, Texas, with his family. He continues to inspire both his team and the industry with his dedication and vision.

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