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Everett Foney

President, New Benefits & Financial Services

Everett Foney is President of New Benefits & Financial Services.

Everett began his early career in the private sector working with energy utilities, telecommunications and U.S. Naval Defense companies. After several years in direct sales, he later transitioned into the Medicare and insurance industry in 2004.

Under the leadership and guidance of industry-leading mentors, Everett has built an exceptional agency. His agents are known as the “Boots on the Ground Team,” and they specialize in helping thousands of seniors and veterans across the country with their insurance needs. As the agency grew, Everett successfully developed a personal integration team using grassroots and virtual marketing strategies to better reach clients and clinics in the communities the agency serves.

Everett and his family currently reside in Glenwood, Illinois, a suburban community near Chicago. In his spare time, Everett enjoys watching movies, listening to music, attending sporting events and traveling to warm destinations with family and friends.

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