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Hubert Humphrey

Managing Partner

Hubert Humphrey is Founder and CEO of HGI and a Managing Partner at Integrity.

Hubert began his journey during the early days of A.L. Williams, where he began to develop a systematic approach to building distribution through relationship marketing. Hubert’s system played a major role in recruiting over 1.5 million associates and revolutionized the way insurance was sold.

After A.L. Williams, Hubert launched World Marketing Alliance and made history again, recruiting over 430,000 associates and becoming one of the largest independent marketers of financial services products in the world. After selling WMA in 2001 to a leading financial institution, Hubert embarked on a new journey by founding HGI in 2014. He considers it his greatest venture yet. Leveraging his 40 years of skills, experience, and relationships, Hubert has strategically designed HGI as a solution-based company to help individuals and families improve their lives through a professional business opportunity.

Hubert resides in Georgia with his wife and childhood sweetheart, Norma. When he’s not building revolutionary companies, Hubert enjoys playing golf, driving fast cars and spending time with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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