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Jerry Klamer

In Memoriam (1955 - 2023)

Jerry Klamer, Managing Partner at Integrity, colleague and friend, passed away on February 23, 2023.

Jerry grew up in Hoover, AL, a suburb of Birmingham, where he was the second oldest of five siblings. Like most kids in Alabama, Jerry spent much of his formative years in a ballpark. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jerry became a star athlete. Excelling as a pitcher, it was expected by most that he would continue on the baseball track, but Jerry’s path and passion began to change when at the age of ten a family friend introduced him to hunting.

The lessons and successes of those early years with sports and the great outdoors carved a bright future for Jerry by instilling in him the qualities necessary to start a marketing career in the insurance industry. His first year in sales, Jerry was top producer in the country, a feat he repeated many times for various companies. After being in sales for 30 years, Jerry began the move up the corporate ladder. Moving up meant moving around, and while in Phoenix, AZ in 2004 Jerry made the bold choice for to leave this lucrative corporate career and open his own insurance marketing firm, MAS Insurance Marketing. With Jerry as President and CE, MAS Insurance Marketing has grown into one of the largest and most successful national insurance marketing firms in the Senior Market.

Jerry and wife Tonya were married May 7th 2019 which has begun a new chapter in their lives. Tonya is the mother of 3 daughters and 4 boys. Thankfully only two of the youngest boys Christian 6, Alec 12 are at home with Tonya and Jerry. Jerry is the father of one son, Matt, who is employed in the family business and enjoys hunting with his dad. Matt and his wife, Krissie, have given Jerry and Tonya the greatest blessing in life…two grandchildren Braiden 12 and Lilly 6.

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