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Get to know the faces behind the Integrity name. Each of these men and women work tirelessly to ensure the Integrity family is growing, thriving and happy.

Joseph Battaglia, Sr.

Managing Partner

Joseph “Joe” Battaglia, Sr., is CEO of Senior Services of North America (SSNA) and a Managing Partner at Integrity.

Joe received a postcard in the mail talking about the Medicare insurance opportunity. The rest is history. As an accomplished speaker and resource, Joe has mentored and trained countless agents across the country to become top performers. He brings a true hands-on approach from his 20 years of field experience. Because of his experience building one of the largest insurance organizations in the Northeast, agents rely on his in-depth knowledge and expertise to propel their careers.

In addition to helping agents, Joe has lectured before thousands of people in various capacities. His lifetime pursuit of helping insurance agents prosper is why agents utilize his principles of success. He prides himself on the relationships he has built with agents, carriers, organizations and individuals he has helped. He is excited for the next phase of growth and is ready to take SSNA to even higher levels with Integrity.

Joe currently lives on Long Island, New York. One of his proudest accomplishments is having his wife and two children be part of the SSNA organization.

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