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Maria Collado

Vice President of Operations, IDEA Insurance Agency

Maria Collado is the Vice President of Operations at IDEA Insurance Agency.

Starting her insurance career in 2018, Maria quickly transitioned from a field broker to a pivotal leader within IDEA Insurance Agency. Her background in sales, operations and marketing has been instrumental in her rapid success, from managing hundreds of clients in her first year to now shaping the agency’s strategic direction.

Maria’s expertise is crucial in developing IDEA Insurance Agency’s unique marketing plans and agent support strategies, ensuring agents are well-prepared from the outset of their careers. Recognized with top agent awards during Medicare AEP and OEP seasons, Maria’s leadership extends beyond business operations to significant contributions in agent training and experience enhancement at IDEA Insurance Agency.

Living in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Jorge, and their family, Maria balances her professional achievements with personal dedication to her community and family. Her passion for empowering others is reflected both in her career and her commitment to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment at home and in the workplace.

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