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Scott Rumbo

Managing Partner

Scott Rumbo is President of Yellowstone Life Insurance Agency and a Managing Partner at Integrity.

Scott began working in insurance and financial protection services after leaving behind a successful corporate career in 2007. He worked part-time for the first few years, but soon embraced the financial protection industry as his passion. After switching to full-time, he began to build an agency with his wife, Kimberly. Scott’s expertise in wireless telecom services, along with Kimberly’s business prowess, helped them build a thriving agency with an innovative virtual platform.

In addition to his successful insurance career, Scott still serves as a consultant in the wireless telecom industry and recently helped advise one the largest wireless mergers in U.S. history. He enjoys working alongside his wife and son, Taylor Rumbo. Scott and Kimberly live in Weatherford, Texas and have four children and four grandchildren.

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