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Steve Giordano

President, Health & Wealth Agency

Steve Giordano is President of Health & Wealth Agency.

Steve earned his degree from the New York Institute of Technology in 2005 and entered the insurance business in 2019. His dedication and sales prowess soon made him the number one all-time issue paid agent within the Family First Life distribution network, issuing over $6 million in life insurance volume over a four-year span.

Steve’s commitment and drive have also helped him quickly build a strong and successful agency of his own. In less than four years, he and his team grew to issue $25 million in life and annuity premiums, fortifying financial security for numerous families nationwide. Steve is fueled by a desire to do more for his family and assist the people he works with to secure their financial futures. He believes in giving one’s all to help others — and in proving that success follows hard work and dedication.

Steve resides in Parkland, Florida, with his beloved wife, Margaux, and their two sons, Dominic and Nicholas. He constantly strives to achieve a blend of professional success and family joy.

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