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Get to know the faces behind the Integrity name. Each of these men and women work tirelessly to ensure the Integrity family is growing, thriving and happy.

Troy Thomas

Managing Partner

Troy is an Integrity partner and serves as the Chief Creative Officer at ThomasArts, he oversees the agency’s creative direction, which includes the integration of branded messaging and strategy into digital solutions such as website design and mobile marketing. Troy was immersed in the advertising industry from an early age and has never turned back.

Troy has a refined awareness and understanding of the consumer mind and is valued as a creative thinker with a keen sense of strategy. A copywriter by training and curious thinker by nature, Troy’s ability to seamlessly integrate engaging creative concepts with strategic tactics is a key asset to ThomasArts.

Troy joined TA in 2003 as a co-founder of the company. Over a nearly 30-year career, Troy has been involved in virtually every method and medium of advertising, from high-impact branding to lead gen and targeted direct marketing. This versatility has benefited a wide variety of clients, including Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Zions Bank, Coventry Health Care, HealthMarkets, PetSmart, American Express, Mozy, Allstate, and VSP.

Troy holds a BA degree from the University of Utah. He and his wife live in Farmington, Utah.

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