Agent Recruitment

Private Label Recruiting Systems for Agencies

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

  • Recruiting emails – We have recruiting emails that can be created and designed by our creative team then private labeled for your agency.
  • Recruiting Flyers – We have recruiting flyers that can be developed and designed by us and private labeled for your organization.
  • Microsites – A microsite is a website our team will develop and create for your organization with the purpose of advertising a specific product or announcement. It is a one page website that focuses on advertising the product and/or communicating through your office. The microsite will typically have no links to subpages; but activity on the site, such as fillable forms, can be sent directly to your office.
  • Agent Recruitment Videos – We have created agent recruitment videos for most of the products that we offer to show agents the opportunities they have with Legacy Safeguard and the industry leading products we offer.
  • Training Videos – We have online training videos available 24 hours a day, plus we can private label videos with your company logo and contact information.
  • Power Point Presentations – We can develop and create power point presentations on a specific product for your organization.
  • Webinars – We have developed training webinars and product recruitment webinars for organizations to use. We can also present, create and develop additional webinars that will help train staff and agents in the final expense market.
  • Telephone Scripts – We can develop and design a recruiting telephone script for your staff to assist with your recruiting efforts.

Partnering with Integrity Marketing Group also provides you access to our creative design team to help you be successful. Therefore, if there’s something that you would like for us to help design to help you recruit more agents then please let us know and we will do everything we can to help create it for you!

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