A Taste for Success

Category: "Inspire" Stories

Date: April 3, 2023

Growing up, Johnny Gottstein of Gott Professional Insurance Services (GPIS) knew exactly what he wanted to do with his future career: he wanted to be a professional chef! On the “Inspire” Podcast, we got to talk about how chasing that dream led him to switch to insurance.

Johnny entered the restaurant business at a young age, quickly becoming a kitchen manager when he was eighteen and a general manager within a year after that. He found himself overseeing people two and three times his age and, as much as he loved cooking, he felt he had already plateaued. He realized the professional restaurant industry wasn’t the place for him.

As Johnny began exploring other career options, nothing seemed to fit what he wanted to do. As he searched, Johnny discovered his ability to work with people and understand the sales process. That made insurance a natural fit. So, Johnny took a leap of faith and entered the insurance industry, which led to great professional success and personal satisfaction!

But that doesn’t mean he’s given up on his first love of cooking. Johnny still makes delicious meals for friends and family. He brings hometown flavor to Kansas City-style barbeque feasts! We love that Johnny has found a way to balance his love of cooking with his passion for helping others. Be sure to check out the rest of our conversation with Johnny on the “Inspire” Podcast to get to know this great addition to the Integrity family!

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