Building a Champion Team

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Date: December 2, 2022

Ron Shurts, Co-Founder and CEO of Annexus, knows what it takes to create a championship team. From building a hugely successful company to innovating the product development space, Ron has succeeded in many facets of his life. While he shares a passion for excellence at work, Ron also brings his A-game to the world of professional sports — because he’s is the proud owner of the Arizona Rattlers, an arena football team!

When we caught up with Ron on a recent episode of the “Inspire” Podcast, he told us he’s been a Rattlers fan for years. In the team’s early years, the Rattlers won several championships and their games were packed with fans. However, support waned as the team lost their competitive edge.

When Ron bought the team in 2011, he was determined to make the team and the fans proud of the Rattlers again. And he did just that! In a turnaround worthy of a future sports movie, the Rattlers pushed their way up the ranks and made it to the championship game during Ron’s first year as owner. Although they didn’t take the prize that day, it didn’t stop their momentum. Ron proudly shared that they won the championship game the following three years and again in 2017 — a great example of how amazing things can happen when you believe in a team and give them the chance to shine.

We loved hearing about Ron’s experience with the Rattlers and how having someone who believes in your success can be just what you need to become a champion. Check out the rest of our conversation with Ron on a recent episode of the “Inspire” Podcast to learn more about this exciting partner!

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