Chasing the American Dream

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Date: January 27, 2023

When it comes to chasing the American dream, few have fought as valiantly as Dianne Faligowski of Insurance Marketplace Agency. From her choice to move to the United States in the months following 9/11, to her tireless efforts to build a business that specializes in serving immigrants, Dianne has proven that hard work truly pays off.

Dianne’s story begins in the Philippines, where she grew up the youngest of 10 children. Being part of an entrepreneurial family helped provide a foundational skillset that helped fuel her decision to move to America in 2001.

Dianne was working three jobs to make ends meet when her sister introduced her to the world of insurance. Although phone sales were difficult for her at first — her accent added an extra layer of challenges — she still persevered!

After two car accidents that nearly ended her career, she was encouraged to retire early. But Dianne had a different plan; she opened her own business, Insurance Marketplace Agency, to help clients like her who are first-generation Americans, including hiring similar team members searching for their American dream. Her business, and work in the community, helps immigrant families understand and access affordable health coverage options while working with agents who speak their native language.

We loved hearing all about Dianne’s story on the “Inspire” Podcast. Her tenacity and strength helps us remember the importance of chasing our own American dreams. Go listen to the rest of our conversation and learn more about this exciting addition to the Integrity family!

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