From Tee to Triumph

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Date: July 25, 2023

MediSource’s President, RD Roulston, has a unique perspective on success. On the “Inspire” Podcast, RD tells us about his past as a golf instructor and says there are three things you need to have a great golf game: a strong understanding of the fundamentals, the motivation to constantly work to improve, and adaptability. These concepts, while drawn from the golf course, seamlessly translate to the world of business.

RD says mastering the fundamentals is critical in golf — a concept that is equally  essential in running a business. By focusing on the basics, such as understanding your target market, setting clear goals and developing a strategic plan, long-term success becomes more attainable.

Consistent and dedicated practice is also vital. RD says with regular training and a desire to improve, your game will get better — and the same can be said for business. By putting in the time and effort to hone your skills and learning from a trusted colleague, your chances of success improve. As the saying goes, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Adaptability is another key lesson RD teaches on the golf course. Just as golf courses change, so do business landscapes. Embracing change, learning from mistakes and staying agile are critical components of business success.

RD’s insights have been invaluable in helping us understand the importance of getting the basics right in business. By focusing on a solid foundation, practicing diligently and adapting to change, we can achieve success that transcends industries and leaves a lasting impact. Listen to the rest of the “Inspire” Podcast episode featuring RD here!

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