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Date: May 30, 2023

At Integrity, we value the unique talents and passions within our family. Agent Pipeline has a heartening tradition: crafting scrumptious pepperoni rolls! We love how this savory treat encapsulates the essence of hospitality for the close-knit team in West Virginia.

The Agent Pipeline team, led by Ryan Kimble, President and Laura Kimble, Executive Vice President, share a collective love for pepperoni rolls. These are delightful pastries made from savory pepperoni enveloped in flaky, golden puff pastry. More than just an appetizing snack, these pepperoni rolls serve as a symbol of their loving and caring nature. With open hearts, they extend this warmth to guests by preparing these delicious treats.

Hailing from Italy and Sicily, pepperoni rolls represent Mediterranean culinary traditions that value simplicity and top-notch ingredients. The Agent Pipeline team preserves this legacy, fostering a homey atmosphere and encouraging collaboration within the Integrity family.

During our Co-Founder and CEO, Bryan W. Adams’ visit to the Agent Pipeline office, the objective was to exchange best practices and uncover innovative ideas for growth. The team’s enthusiasm for sharing homemade pepperoni rolls showcases the hospitable and collaborative ethos that defines Integrity, proving that the best ideas often surface from breaking bread and cultivating connections.

The pepperoni roll embodies the powerful bonds within Agent Pipeline and their unwavering commitment to creating a welcoming, home-like environment. This enticing dish unites people through a shared love of good food and teamwork. As you savor a tasty pepperoni roll, remember its rich history and the spirit of unity it represents. And if you stop by Agent Pipeline, you just might be treated to one of their delectable homemade pepperoni rolls — a must-have!

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