Integrity Culture Academy – Our Core Value of Family

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Date: April 25, 2023

As discussed on last week’s “Inspire” Podcast, we are thrilled to be launching our Integrity Culture Academy with this new video series on our five core values!

Today’s core value is Family. At Integrity, we treat all our Partners and team members as one big family. It’s a value that comes through with every honest and transparent interaction we have. Family means taking care of each other and providing support when it’s needed most. Watch the video above to learn more about why this core value is so crucial to our success.

As we mentioned, this important program is designed to help everyone — whether you’re part of Integrity or learning about us — understand what it means to be part of Integrity. It features a series of new videos showcasing our five core values — and we’re sharing all of them with you throughout the week. We’ll share another Integrity Culture Academy core value video with you tomorrow. It’s fun to showcase what makes Integrity such a special place to work. Thanks so much for watching!

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