Lessons From the Court

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Date: February 3, 2023

Some of life’s biggest lessons can be learned while playing sports — and that’s been especially true for Integrity Partner Steven Yee of SkyPoint Financial & Insurance Services. When he joined us on the “Inspire” Podcast, he shared how his lifelong love of basketball shaped who he is and how he leads his business.

Growing up, Steven learned the importance of teamwork by playing as a point guard. His role required leadership and knowing the needs of his team. Many even consider it the hardest position in basketball. For Steven, it honed a talent for recognizing the strengths and needs of others.

Steven followed his passion and coached basketball for 12 years. It’s given him the ability to foster success from players of all skill levels and encourage continued growth. It’s a skill he’s used to train and support his agents. Its this kind of understanding that develops strong agents, high productivity and a happy team.

Lastly, he learned the importance of genuine support. Raised by a single mom, Steven knew that even if she wasn’t always cheering for him in the stands, she was still his biggest cheerleader. She made sure Steven knew how important he was to her every day while working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Now as a father himself, Steven sees the power that comes from knowing someone is cheering for you.

Thank you, Steven, for sharing your profound lessons from the court with us on the “Inspire” Podcast. Be sure to check out the rest of his episode to learn more about this incredible addition to the Integrity Family!

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