Rachelle McReynolds is our next guest on Integrity’s Women in Leadership Seminar Series!

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Date: November 20, 2023

Warm wishes to you all as we head into the end of the year, excited for the next interview in our Women in Leadership Seminar Series!

This series shares inspiring stories with lessons for everyone in strength and service from women in leadership roles at Integrity. We honor our featured speakers by providing a platform where they can tell their stories in their own words and offer their wisdom to us. All year long, we are proud to celebrate the huge role women play in driving our mission to help Americans prepare for the good days ahead.

Get ready for our next inspiring leadership story from Rachelle McReynolds, Chief People & Culture Officer here at Integrity, on December 1st at 12 PM CT! Rachelle is ready for a vibrant conversation about her career in supporting the growth and talent of thousands of people.

Rachelle started a path toward understanding people with a “servant heart” at a young age. She and her brother were raised by their mom as a single parent who held down two jobs while keeping her kids safe and cared for. Rachelle was determined to go to college and earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, followed by a master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Ready to make a difference, Rachelle quickly found growth as she climbed the ranks at Celanese, a global materials corporation. She joined Integrity in early 2020 and immediately set her sights on leveling up the benefits that Integrity provided to all employees. The result? Expanded coverage while — amazingly — lowering costs.

Rachelle is so proud of the long list of initiatives she’s co-created and brought to life, including Wellness Connection and Integrity Leadership Academy. And there’s so much more to come, from internal mentorship to skill development and beyond.

We’re thrilled for you to hear Rachelle as she radiates energy and inner drive with stories about her internal and external motivators on her life path. Make sure to follow us on social media so you have the link to watch the episode soon!

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