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Date: October 22, 2021

On a recent “Inspire” Podcast, we spoke with Modern District Financial’s President and CEO, Shannon Nelson. We learned that if you visit his office headquarters in Michigan, you will find a large scroll dubbed “The Nelson Rules.” Shannon explains that over the years, he has developed a collection of sayings he uses when training his agents. Somewhere along the line, those agents decided to put them down in writing.

The rules are used in Shannon’s mentoring approach to agents to help guide others to success. And, as you listen to some of his stories he shared in the podcast, it’s easy to see that Shannon follows his own advice.

One such example is in his adherence to Rule #3: “Always be available for winning moments.” At work, this means he is present for agents and supportive of their successes. At home, this means making time for family and supporting his wife and her victories.

Shannon says he supports his wife, Adanna, by joining her at the gym and assisting in her boxing training. Shannon explains that supporting his wife in the ring is a rewarding challenge. That’s because, Adanna, besides being a loving wife and mother, is a Golden Gloves champion.

Then he shared with us Rule #9: “Everyone likes being noticed.” This rule comes into play at home as he raises his five-year-old daughter, Meadow. It’s his priority to spend time with her so they can build a strong relationship. Currently, he is teaching her how to play golf and how to swim. He makes sure they spend every Saturday together doing something fun. Then, they curl up on the couch and watch cartoons.

In his life and in his career, Shannon displays the importance of being with the people you care about and supporting their interests. From agents to his amazing family, Shannon shows us that the most important thing we can do is be present.

We are glad Shannon and Modern District Financial are joining the Integrity family. Go check out the podcast today and learn some more of his favorite rules.

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