Tess Grace is our next guest on Integrity’s Women in Leadership Seminar Series!

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Date: February 26, 2024

As spring approaches, we’re excited for the next interview in our Women in Leadership Seminar Series — on International Women’s Day!

This series shares inspiring stories with lessons for everyone in strength and service from women in leadership roles at Integrity. We honor our featured guests by providing a platform where they can tell their stories in their own words and offer their wisdom to each of us. All year long, we are proud to celebrate the huge role women play in driving our mission to help Americans prepare for the good days ahead.

Get ready for our next energizing leadership story from Tess Grace, President, Integrity Life, on March 8th at 12 PM CT. We’re especially pleased with the interview date — it’s International Women’s Day!

Don’t let Tess’s quiet demeanor mislead you. She’s an energetic powerhouse who’s learned what it takes to elevate her teams and deliver results that benefit entire organizations. Her career has been dedicated to excellence in the insurance industry with a work ethic that came from her strong, inspiring mom. She found insurance in her mid-20s and felt like it was a match immediately, taking on roles at Chase Insurance, West Coast Life, American General, and a pivotal leadership position at Mutual of Omaha’s Life Brokerage division.

After being named President, Integrity Life, Tess took on the responsibility of ensuring that revenue and profit goals are met for all life insurance and long-term care products — helping to take us all to the next level!

Make sure you join us for this interview with Tess — she’ll bring her powerful energy to the room, and you’ll get to see what makes her so inspiring! Be sure to follow us on social media so you have the link to watch the episode soon!

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