Wellness Build Up is here to ignite your financial know-how!

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Date: September 11, 2023

It’s time to launch our next Wellness Connection campaign: Wellness Build Up! As we move into autumn, we’re going to be taking inventory of our knowledge of personal finance so that we can better live and plan for the future. This Wellness Connection is here to provide simple ways to get proactive with financial wellbeing.

Wellness Build Up is the time for our Integrity family to focus on helpful tips for managing their financial obligations and prioritizing future goals, all so they feel more secure right now while planning for what’s next.

During Wellness Build Up, we will be sharing resources and information with the whole Integrity family that includes:

·      How to find tools and resources included with Integrity benefits

·      Tips on how to approach Open Enrollment options to maximize the benefits that are important to us

·      Strategies and options for budgeting and paying down debt

·      Live webinars on financial health

·      A raffle for Integrity family winners to receive a free year of a popular budgeting software that can help change their relationship with money for the better!

We hope that everyone has a better relationship with their finances, especially us at Integrity. Wellness Build Up is like fitness for finances – it takes a little time and effort but the results are so worth it!

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