What an amazing Lunar New Year celebration!

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Date: February 19, 2024

We’re so happy we were able to celebrate the Lunar New Year with our Dallas Shared Services Integrity family! Now, it’s time to relive the festivities with highlights from the day!

Together, we embraced the spirit of the occasion and invited everyone to participate — and so many of our wonderful Integrity family did! It was a heartwarming sight to see such enthusiasm and we’re grateful to have been able to enjoy this memorable event!

To relive the wonderful moments and share them with those who couldn’t join us, we’re thrilled to share our highlight video of the celebration, which you can watch above.

Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and curiosity made the event a true testament to the rich cultural diversity and connection within our team. It was so enjoyable sharing stories and learning about Lunar New Year traditions — inspiring for all.

May this year of the Wood Dragon bring you and your loved ones prosperity, joy and good health.

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