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Juan Franco

CEO, Solid Financial Plan

Juan Franco is CEO of Solid Financial Plan.

Juan is recognized for his outstanding leadership in retirement planning, having dedicated his career to enriching the lives of families with comprehensive retirement solutions. He holds an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi and specializes in Indexed Universal Life insurance plans (IULs) and annuities.

Juan’s professional journey began in the fundraising sector, where his entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a successful company after years as a consultant. This venture supported schools across the nation and showcased his commitment to making a significant impact. The experience ultimately led Juan to open his own insurance agency in Houston, Texas.

Throughout his insurance career, Juan has had remarkable milestones. He was honored as a Family First Life Hall of Fame producer for three consecutive years and earned the distinction of the top IUL producer in 2022. Juan’s passion extends beyond personal accolades, as he is deeply committed to mentoring new agents, guiding them towards success and fulfillment in their careers.

Juan lives in Houston with his wife, Julie, and their daughter, Tatiana. A man of many passions, Juan finds joy in playing tennis and indulging in travel adventures with his family, exploring the world and embracing new experiences.

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