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Matt Sapaula

Founder, MoneySmartMovement

Matt Sapaula is the Founder of MoneySmartMovement.

Matt Sapaula, affectionately known as the “Money Smart Guy,” is a beacon of inspiration and leadership in the financial services industry. A first-generation American with roots in the Philippines, Matt’s early life was shaped by service and sacrifice — traits evident in his two enlistments in the United States Marine Corps.

Transitioning from combat veteran to insurance and financial services leader, Matt has spent over two decades carving out a distinguished career in the industry under the mentorship of Patrick Bet-David of PHP Agency. He and his wife, Sheena Sapaula, have worked together to make MoneySmartMovement one of the most innovative and fastest-growing agencies in the nation.

An author, speaker and YouTube influencer, Matt’s work spans from the best-selling book Faith-Made Millionaire to his engaging 7 Figure Squad YouTube channel, where he shares insights in achieving financial independence through faith-based principles. His interviews with leading luminaries from all walks of life underscore his influence and reach.

Matt and Sheena reside in Frisco, Texas, with their vibrant blended family of five children. His journey from humble beginnings to financial empowerment embodies his commitment to mentorship, leadership and the pursuit of a life filled with purpose and passion.

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