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Get to know the faces behind the Integrity name. Each of these men and women work tirelessly to ensure the Integrity family is growing, thriving and happy.

Josh Crenshaw

Managing Partner

Josh Crenshaw is Co-President of Relentless Insurance Agency and a Managing Partner at Integrity.

Josh started in the insurance industry in 2019 to supplement his bartending income, while he was trying to figure out his career path. He quickly discovered that helping families get the protection they needed gave him the satisfaction and fulfillment he had been looking for. He knew he belonged in the insurance industry.

Josh and his partner in business and life, Alondra Topete, have used discipline, hard work and determination to build a successful and fast-growing agency. By combining their individual strengths, Joshua and Alondra have been able to lead by example and show agents what it takes to achieve the highest levels of success. They love providing agents with guidance on how to build their own agencies — a process that starts with a relentlessly positive attitude and unwavering work ethic.

Joshua and Alondra reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, with their four French bulldogs.

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